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  1. Hey, Palhao, I don’t know Italian, and the junk translators on the web would not interpret this for me, but based on my fluency in spanish, below is my hard worked at translation please if possible, tell me something, anything relative to it;

    Well, what is obvious to you, may not be obvious for another. When you explain something to someone, asking with respect to what the person already knows. Upon leaving there, you construct your explanation (assessment, conclusion).

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    1. Almost there, but you’re looking for the wrong language. I write in Portuguese.

      My translation into English would be the following.

      What is obvious for someone may not be for someone else. Whenever you need to explain something to someone, ask the person what he/she already knows. From there, build your explanation.

      Keep up the good work! 🙂

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      1. Thanks for the translation, and one of the translating sites immediately put up the red flag (asking if I wanted a Portuguese translation) but I didn’t know better…..as suggested.

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